In today’s modern wedding, there is no limit to how many dresses a bride can wear to her wedding: pre-wedding gown, main party gown, destination wedding dress, after-party… Depending on the expected cost as well as personal preferences, a bride can have one or more dresses to celebrate the big occasion of her life.

After-Party dresses are a familiar item in a modern wedding. Because the wedding ceremony dress when the bride and groom exchange their vows is a dignified, gorgeous and discreet enough dress. And after-party dresses prioritize youthfulness and comfort for the bride to “jumpy” with her friends.

It is because of such features that brides often choose After-Party dresses with a mid-calf length or above the knee for easy movement. The shape of the After-Party dress is also diverse, trendy, and more party-oriented.

Realizing that the demand for After-Party dresses is becoming more and more popular nowadays, Garnet often advises and suggests to her girls to choose 2-in-1 dresses that can be both a ceremony dress and an After-party dress. . Or if you have no worry for financial factors, you can order these two dresses separately.

Currently, besides the first collection Gardenia, Garnet Bridal Atelier also accepts personal orders designed specifically at the request of the bride.