Lucky to be chosen by the special bride – Ms Linh Rin to accompany her on the eve of her dream wedding, the Garnet team couldn’t help but be surprised by the beauty that captured all the spotlight through the beauty’s first glance.

In the process of finding inspiration to choose the first wedding dress in Ms Linh’s journey to become a new bride, modern features and seductive beauty are the pieces that experts put effort on.

Understanding the aesthetic gout and modern fashion thinking of the bride, the wedding dress is oriented not to attach bulky rhinestones or complicated tiered skirts like conventional wedding dress choices, but instead structure. and shapes are harmonized and refined to focus on skillful material handling as well as unique hand-crafted details on the fabric surface.

Therefore, Garnet did not hesitate to choose the design from the latest Blush In Love collection inspired by the blooming Phalaenopsis orchid with the upper body shaped in the shape of delicate petals. Made of silk fabric, the lower body is densely covered with hand-embroidered 3D flowers. Not only stopping at the shape of the strapless dress to create an hourglass effect for Ms Linh, the premium fabric from imported Italian floral lace and stamped Japanese silk is skillfully crafted by our artisans to bring out the dress. Weddings are luxurious, not too ostentatious, but still maintain a timeless secrecy.