Capturing the trend of contemporary wedding dresses but choosing to exploit it in the easiest and most delicate way, LOOK 22 in Garnet’s Fall In White collection is a design with bold femininity, liberality and modern.



Made on high-quality Mikado fabric, LOOK 22 at first glance is a simple unattached dress, but that simplicity is only possible when the quintessence of the design is distilled. In order to create an impressive puff ball shape with a high-low skirt, the artisans at the atelier spent many hours applying sophisticated material handling techniques and sharp seams. Paired with a signature corset with a ribbed bodice, the LOOK 22 deftly accentuates body curves and perfectly balances modern beauty with classic charm.

LOOK 22 has been displayed by us in our studio, ready to wait for future brides to book an appointment in person and receive more thorough advice.