Following the event of accompanying Ms Linh Rin in a special wedding photo album, as well as realizing designs that match the bride’s taste and aesthetic gout, Garnet is pleased to have the opportunity to design a unique wedding dress. version dedicated to Ms. Linh.

Garnet believes that each girl has a unique personality, and Ms. Linh is no exception. Therefore, in order to create the most memorable moments, it is necessary to tailor-made designs that signify a unique self-image.

Inspired by the romantic love story of Linh Rin and Phillip Nguyen, romance combined with the durability of timeless beauty are the top factors that we focus on to express.

The dress design has a highlight on the high slit skirt with floating pleats like the veins inspired by Gardenia flowers, attached to the tail with a large bow to create the feeling that the petals are hugging each other while blooming. Choosing Mikado fabric with a light glossy surface for high visual effect, the design gives an elegant, modern look and a timeless beauty.