Ao dai is not a mandatory dress choice in the wedding ceremony between the two spouses.  However, in Vietnamese culture, betrothal is a ritual belonging to the traditional custom of the nation, the groom asks the bride’s hand for marriage. Therefore, Ao Dai is the most suitable choice that is both graceful and charming, still, equally subtle and discreet.  Later, wearing Ao dai in the engagement ceremony became a custom of Vietnamese people.

Today’s wedding dress always has a harmonious interference between traditional values ​​(expressed in stylized patterns of lotus flowers, cranes, communal roofs…) and modern breath (expressed in modern design and unique materials such as corset dress, padded shoulders, studded details, lace fabric, tulle…).

At Garnet, we can consult and design your betrothal ceremony Ao Dai as well as Nhat Binh Ao Dai. Although it is a familiar Vietnamese dress, for each customer, we will have a different idea about the dress that our brides will wear on the big day.  Because every woman is a unique personality, on an important day of her life, the Ao Dai for each one needs to be tailored and made perfectly just for only that person.

Garnet is currently under construction, rushing to complete the first collection. Looking forward to the day when we can welcome our customers at the Garnet house.